Hens Night Party in Melbourne

Do you want a Hen Night you won’t be able to forget? Little Sammy has a big surprise for you! 

Bachelorette Party Services! 

Hens Party in Melbourne

Sammy Sessions offers a wild ecstasy to all soon-to-be wives. Sammy the Dwarf loves fun and will deliver the sinful pleasures to all ladies on the exclusive bachelorette party! Here’s what you’re gonna get: 


  • Striptease

  • Music Show

  • Aqua Oil Dance 

  • Relaxation

  • The Original Celebrated Cock Dance

  • Fun, fun, fun

  • More fun


And much, much more from Australia’s #1 sweet Sammy the Dwarf, the seducer of all bachelorettes! Wanna have a party to remember? 


Sammy the Dwarf is your man! Adult entertainment and a decade full of satisfied clients past him! Sammy is well-known in clubs and bars for hosting outrageous and “beyond good and evil” parties that should be outlawed!!! Shhhh...don’t tell anybody.


We have exclusive outfits and personas to fit your filthy needs:


  • Fireman

  • Policeman

  • Kangaroo

  • Pikachu (yeah, duh)

  • And many, many more…


Just tell what you’d like and what is your taste. Sammy will turn you on because the little guy has real drive. Don’t be shy and share your wildest desires. Relax and joy are guaranteed. The whole Melbourne knows that girls scream when Sammy’s around.  


Little Sammy has years and years of experience in providing women with delightful pleasures! And Sammy has a baby smooth skin but a wild and roaring temper! He will eat your pussycat alive and leave you crave for more! 

Did we say it’s gonna be one hell of a fun???

No limits and no rules, nothing holy for Sammy! When he’s on the loose, oh gosh, it’s lock up your daughters!!! You won’t stand a chance in front of a full-blown temptation! Sammy’s gonna be your one-of-a-time Tyrion Lannister! Book your party in advance!