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Disability Brand Ambassador

What are clients are saying?

"As a client who was seeking to hire a brand ambassador for WPshots, I am excited about the partnership with Sam Hobbs. Sam's passion for inclusive entertainment and advocacy efforts align perfectly with our brand values of inclusivity, diversity, and social responsibility.

Sam's authenticity and lived experience of a disability made him a compelling choice to represent our brand. We believe that Sam's story resonated well with our target audience and helped us achieve our goals of enhancing our brand image, expanding our market reach, and making a positive social impact within our community.

We are impressed by Sam's charisma, passion, and expertise, and we are confident that he authentically represented our brand values and connected with our audience. 


Overall, we believe that Sam Hobbs was the perfect fit for WPshots. as a brand ambassador, and we are excited about the potential impact of our partnership on our brand and our community."

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How can Sam help as a brand ambassador?

Product Endorsement: Sam Hobbs promotes the company's products or services, highlighting features that cater to individuals with disabilities and advocating for inclusivity in marketing campaigns.

Content Creation: Sam creates diverse and inclusive content, sharing personal experiences, accessibility tips, and product reviews tailored to individuals with disabilities, amplifying the company's commitment to accessibility and inclusion.

Social Media Promotion: Sam shares updates, testimonials, and success stories on social media platforms, emphasizing the importance of accessibility and representation in the company's offerings.

Event Representation: Sam represents the company at events, ensuring accessibility and inclusion for individuals with disabilities, and sharing their personal journey to inspire others and promote the brand's commitment to diversity.

Brand Awareness: Sam increases awareness of the company's efforts to cater to individuals with disabilities, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment among diverse communities through their personal advocacy and engagement.

Public Relations: Sam serves as a spokesperson for the company, advocating for disability rights and representation in the media, and participating in interviews and press releases to raise awareness and promote positive change.

Influencer Partnerships: Sam collaborates with other influencers and organizations in the disability community to amplify the company's message of accessibility and inclusion, fostering meaningful connections and partnerships.

Feedback and Insights: Sam provides valuable insights into the accessibility and usability of the company's products or services, advocating for improvements and enhancements based on their lived experience and feedback from the disability community.

Community Engagement: Sam actively engages with the disability community, hosting discussions, sharing resources, and providing support to individuals seeking accessible solutions, strengthening the company's relationship with diverse audiences.

Educational Outreach: Sam educates consumers and businesses about the importance of accessibility and inclusion, offering practical advice, training sessions, and resources to promote understanding and compliance with disability rights laws.

Cause Advocacy: Sam advocates for disability rights and social inclusion initiatives supported by the company, raising awareness of relevant issues and promoting positive change through activism and community engagement.

Relationship Building: Sam builds genuine connections with stakeholders, including individuals with disabilities, advocacy groups, and industry leaders, fostering trust and collaboration to advance the company's mission of accessibility and inclusion.

Sales Support: Sam drives sales by highlighting the value of accessible products and services to individuals with disabilities, facilitating a positive purchasing experience and promoting customer loyalty through inclusive marketing efforts.

Crisis Management: In times of crisis or negative publicity, Sam provides reassurance and guidance, addressing concerns from the disability community and advocating for transparency and accountability in the company's response.

Continuous Learning and Development: Sam stays informed about disability rights, accessibility standards, and best practices in inclusive marketing, continuously improving their skills and knowledge to better serve the company and the disability community.

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