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  • How much experience does Sammy have?
    Sammy has been a DJ and host for over 10 years, with his experience within the hospitality sector ranging from private functions, events and appearances within the best venues, clubs and hangouts Melbourne has to offer.
  • Do you travel outside of Melbourne?
    Absolutely! Although most of our events are in Melbourne we are able to cater for Victorian events outside of the city. Victorian events are charged at a per km rate if the event location is further than 30km from the Melbourne CBD. Rates are calculated from CBD – event – return. Accommodation may be required if the venue is more than 2 hours from Melbourne. If you can provide appropriate accommodation that’s great, otherwise we will charge a nominal fee to cover each performer.
  • What will Sammy and the staff where
    Sammy will wear appropriate clothing for your event. If it is a dress up, or wearing a costume, we will follow suit. Otherwise we will be in smart casual attire. Outfits will will be clarified at the time of booking.
  • Do you cater for disability events and activties?
    Yes we do! Disability events and activities are one of our main services. We are NDIS friendly and welcome all NDIS-funded participants to our disability group activity days and enquiries for private events
  • Can I bring a support worker?
    Absolutely! We encourage and welcome all support workers to attend our sessions with their clients, to create a fun and friendly atmosphere for everyone.
  • Will the activity be accessible and practical for my disability?
    100%! All of our NDIS funded activities and NDIS group activities are to accommodate individuals with disabilities, prioritizing the safety, well-being and enjoyment of our participants. Our aim is to provide accessibility to all individuals, however at times there may be certain activities where this could be difficult. We are committed to taking all required measures to ensure our participants are comfortable and satisfied.
  • How does the activity or event get funded?
    For all NDIS funded activites, NDIS group activites and NDIS disability events an invoice will be prepared for the individual and billed accordingly to their plan. A list of biller codes are available on our pricing page
  • What should I spend on entertainment?
    Consider these questions for your event with Sammy Sessions: What holds the utmost significance for you during your event? Reflect on the memorable aspects of an extraordinary night out. What lasting impressions do you wish your guests to carry with them? What is your desired takeaway for your attendees? Take a moment, especially in the context of a wedding, to evaluate your investments in other facets like flowers, food, and bridal cars. Our goal is to assist you in elevating the entertainment experience at your wedding, ensuring your guests leave with joyous memories and tales of a night filled with laughter and fun, possibly even sore feet from dancing the night away!
  • Can I get this service for cheaper?
    Easy answer is no. While there are numerous other agencies offering more budget-friendly rates, especially those focused solely on DJ services, if you're seeking the absolute lowest price in the industry, we may not be the right fit. However, if you're in search of the best value for your money, that's precisely where we position ourselves in the marketplace. In our industry, the adage "you get what you pay for" holds true. By choosing Sammy Sessions, you opt for: A reputable entertainer Extensive experience, in performance, activities and hospitality Recognition as a recommended host and performer by Melbourne's most prestigious venues Active involvement in some of Melbourne's finest major events Sammy is a legend!!
  • What is the payment process?
    Upon deciding to engage our services at Sammy Sessions, a 50% deposit is necessary to officially reserve your entertainment, and the remaining balance is due 14 days prior to your event. Please note that we cannot assure the availability of Sam until the deposit is received. Payment options include cash, direct bank transfer, or NDIS invoicing to plan managers or self-managed participants.
  • How far in advance should I book?
    You have the flexibility to make a reservation for Sammy Sessions right up to your event date. However, for a guaranteed booking with Sammy as the exclusive performer, we recommend securing your spot well in advance. Availability operates on a first-come, first-served basis, ensuring you give ample notice for your event or activity assures that we have the time to organise something special.
  • Cancellations?
    All bookings cancelled, forfeit their 50% deposit. Any cancellation within 7 days of the performance date will incur 100% of the fee.
  • What happens if Sammy needs to cancel the event?
    While Sammy Sessions predominantly features the remarkable talents of Sammy, rest assured that in the highly unlikely scenario where unforeseen circumstances prevent Sammy from attending your event, we have contingency plans in place. In such rare instances, we are committed to swiftly arranging a replacement, ensuring a seamless and equally entertaining experience. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we guarantee to address any unexpected challenges with the utmost professionalism and care.
  • Can I speak to you about music choices for our event?
    Yes! We would love to discuss the music and running of the night with any other questions you might have.
  • How do I select music for the night? can I choose my own music?
    Upon confirmation of your Sammy Sessions event, we'll provide you with a link to access your personalized online event form. This form offers you the flexibility to: Select music for specific segments of your event Provide a general list of songs you'd like or prefer not to hear Upload Spotify playlist links directly to the form Feel free to edit your form at any time and revisit it for updates as needed. While Sammy will utilize this as a guide for the evening, there's no need to plan the entire musical journey. For those booking live groups, please be aware of any repertoire restrictions they may have, and familiarize yourself with their set list before finalizing the booking. Sammy is adept at reading the crowd and tailoring music to different age groups, ensuring everyone has a fantastic time. Creating a playlist is optional. If you prefer not to, just inform us about the age groups attending and provide a rough outline of your music preferences. Guest song requests on the night are more than welcome. In case you have specific music files (traditional, rare, cultural, etc.) that are not in our existing collection, you can share them with us. Rest assured, we already have an extensive library of cultural music, but this ensures we play the exact version you desire. With enough time and notice. SAMMY WILL CREATE A UNIQUE DJ SET FOR YOUR EVENT FOR NO ADDITIONAL COST!
  • I don't know or really care what music is played?
    No worries! Sammy has an extensive knowledge of music and playlists. Leave it up to us and we will create something magical!

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